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Why buy from SA?

We go through extensive factory training so that we may provide you with the knowledge you need to make an educated decision in choosing the vehicle that is right for your lifestyle.


South Africa’s climate does not cause vehicles to rust, unlike Japan or the UK that salt their roads during winter months, which results in corrosion and rust.


Should you buy the vehicle trough Automobilexport, well make sure you get a good deal, through a reliable and experienced business.


Vehicles made or sold in South Africa are better suited for the harsh African continent, because it was built for a African specification level, and approved by the South African Buro of Standards (SABS). For example, the African spec gets upgrated cooling and suspension systems, even the luxury sedan cars in most cases.

It also gives you peace of mind that the vehicle was well-looked after and cared for. Furthermore, you know that the car won’t have any major, expensive problems in the near distant future.

As mentioned before, the FSH factor cannot be said about Japanese vehicles. When I shopped for collectable cars in Japan in the past over the net and I ask the seller if the car has FSH, the answer was in most cases “no”. Once I ask the seller why it does not have service books, they try to change the topic immediately. Makes one wonder why?

Buying from South Africa vs Japan or UK

Apart from the fact that South African cars do not have rust issues, have better cooling and suspensions, there’s other very important factors you must take into account why it’s absolutely worthwhile buying a vehicle from South Africa. Don’t get me wrong, there are good bargains or deals to be found in Japan and the UK, but consider the following factors.

Let’s start with service and maintenance history: In my dealings with collector’s cars from Japan I realized that more than 50% of the low kilo cars do not have any sort of service history available!

Most South African vehicles would have FULL SERVICE HISTORY, which cannot be said about Japanese cars in many cases. Should you use the services of Automobilexport to export your car, we’ll make 100% sure the vehicle comes with a full, authentic service history (FSH).

This is very important, since FSH makes it impossible to tamper with the vehicles odometer! If the car has low mileage, e.g. 50 000km, but no service history, you must ask yourself “why no FSH”. That makes one wonder is the kilometres advertised is true mileage…

As such, a car with e.g. 140 000km on the clock with FSH at the main dealer or at reputable workshops, would ensure peace of mind that the odometer reading is the correct and genuine mileage. It’s not uncommon to find a car in South Africa that’s got very high, e.g. 350 000km, on the clock, but with FSH.


In general South African vehicles are well looked after, and should you purchase the vehicle through Automobilexport, we’ll make sure that you get a high quality, hand picked vehicle.


Most South African vehicles, especially later models and low miles would come with full dealership service history which can easily be verified by us, while older cars would have specialist service history in many cases. (see the section on buying from SA vs Japan or UK)


In general South African vehicles have a very good specification levels.


Finding a luxury car (e.g. BMW 3-Series) with classy leather seats, upgraded wheels and sunroof in South Africa is easy, but finding one in Japan would be a challenge or impossible.
Most 4X4 pick ups (bakkies) from South Africa all feature a rear diff-lock, where the UK and Japanese versions have less capable “limited slip diffs” (LSD). Another great feature is that most South African 4X4’s would have some handy accessories like bull bars and upgraded suspension.


Experts on sourcing vehicles

We are experts on buying vehicles on behalf of our clients, and are regarded by many as export industry leaders in South Africa

Logistics and exports

We are thorough with the planning of logistics and exports

Trusted By Thousands

We have a good track record, backed up with good trade references

Value for money

We are not just competitively priced, but also offer the best value for money.

Claim back your VAT

We can claim back VAT on your behalf if you paid VAT on the sale price. (Terms & conditions apply)

Export worldwide

We export to most major cities and Africa, and across the world.

Best knowledge in the industry

We believe that we have some of the best knowledge in the industry having years of import / export experience, which was gained in both the UK and in South Africa.

Excellent customer service

We strive to provide you with competitive prices and good value for money, as well as good customer service. The reason: We want you and your family and friends to become life time business partners!